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Delaware SEL-Workforce Case Study

Delaware: Partnerships Integrate SEL With Career and Workforce Development to Define a New Generation of Learners

CASEL, Coalition for Career Development Center, Delaware Department of Education


This case study is one of three describing the development and implementation of social and emotional learning (SEL) integrated with career and workforce development efforts in Delaware, Kansas, and Wisconsin.

Delaware’s journey offers inspiration for other states looking to do this work. By creatively braiding capital support and engaging collaborative problem-solving, it is possible to recognize and overcome barriers to systemic change:

  1. Delaware’s commitment to collaboration, coalition-building, and empowerment is the foundation of their progress.

  2. Delaware’s pursuit of diverse leaders’ involvement in this work is critical to their strong foundational efforts related to SEL and career and workforce development.

  3. Finally, Delaware is a prime example of the adage “Go slow to go far.”

For more on SEL and Career and Workforce Development, check out our five-part webisode series for state and district leaders.

Download PDF • 885KB

Delaware Policy Brief
Download PDF • 141KB

Delaware Practice Brief
Download PDF • 138KB

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