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Global Careers Month 2022

Finally, we have strong evidence that when young adults receive access to quality career readiness programs in middle and high school, they earn higher wages and experience higher employment rates. The results are strongest for individuals from underrepresented populations, lower income backgrounds and individuals with disabilities.

And so, I am excited and humbled to participate in this unprecedented international collaboration to launch the inaugural Global Careers Month. On behalf of the Coalition for Career Development Center and Boston University Center for Future Readiness, we commit to sharing a number of free-access career readiness resources throughout the month of November. This amazing international collaboration includes: Cedefop, the European Commission, the European Training Foundation, the International Labour Organization, OECD, UNESCO and World Bank.

In North America, our Global Careers Month efforts are being facilitated by Sareena Hopkins from the Canadian Career Development Foundation and Denneen Pennington from the National Career Development Association. Together let’s use Global Careers Month to showcase how quality career readiness efforts transform lives.

This effort will:

  1. Raise awareness about the role and importance of effective career guidance to enable access to decent work and career opportunities during economic recovery.

  2. Identify shared challenges to the development of effective career guidance systems as well as local specificities linked to local contexts.

  3. Showcase high quality and innovative solutions to promote career development support in diverse contexts and for learners at different stages in their educational and career pathways together with dissemination of research undertaken by the collaborating international organizations on design and delivery of effective career guidance.

  4. Disseminate research undertaken by the collaborating agencies on the design and delivery of effective career guidance.

Our next Global Careers Month blog post will focus on career readiness and social and emotional learning (SEL)--come back tomorrow!

The CCD Center is an industry-led non-profit, non-partisan organization focused on making career readiness the number one education priority in America.

The BU Center for Future Readiness is internationally and nationally recognized for supporting the design, implementation, and evaluation of equitable and responsive career readiness programs and services.


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