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Podcast Episode 13

Episode 13: WHO is the ILP/PCAP?

The ILP/PCAP exists as both a process and product that young people throughout their educational journey have a chance to experience in different spaces, ultimately leading to a young person that has explored themselves and their futures, and is prepared for multiple pathways after high school. The best ILP/PCAP experiences happen when all stakeholders of the young person's network understand their roles and collaborate. What do you need to know about who and how folks are involved in the ILP/PCAP process?

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The "Career Readiness for All" podcast is presented by the Coalition for Career Development (CCD) Center, a national think-tank committed to making career readiness the first priority of American education and dedicated to transforming career development through priorities including education reform, research initiatives, stakeholder engagement and more. Join us each month as we speak with different subject matter experts on the topic of career readiness.

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