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What is Global Careers Month?

November 2022 is the first annual Global Careers Month. What does this mean, you ask?

Global Careers Month “aims to shine a spotlight on the importance of career guidance in helping individuals access decent work, careers, and the support they need to plan and develop their careers,” according to the International Labour Organization.

The inaugural Global Careers Month has five themes:

  1. Enabling skilling and transitions during COVID-19 recovery, broadening the opportunities open to individuals and helping them to confirm and achieve their ambitions;

  2. Structural transformation towards more sustainable, resilient and digital rich societies;

  3. Development and delivery of career education and career management skills frameworks;

  4. Quality standards and the skills of career guidance practitioners; and,

  5. Support to vulnerable groups and indigenous peoples.

Over the next two weeks the CCD Center will be sharing several blog posts centered around Global Careers Month, including posts from guest authors – stay tuned!

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