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Podcast Episode 4

Episode 4: Creating Impact Through Community and Culture

In this episode, Spencer chats with Alexandra Oliver-Dávila, Executive Director of Sociedad Latina.

Since 1968, Sociedad Latina has been working in partnership with Latin@ youth and families to end the cycle of poverty, inequality to access of health services, and lack of educational and professional opportunities in our community. We introduce innovative solutions to the most critical problems facing young Latin@s today. Our approach celebrates our diverse Latin@ heritages and enables young people to forge identities with deep roots in Latin culture. Our model supports positive creative youth development from ages 11 to 21, empowering a community that values young people and enables them to be leaders in their neighborhoods.

Each year, Sociedad Latina serves 5,000 young people and adults. Over a thousand of our youth participate in our high-quality, comprehensive, and holistic out-of-school time programming in four key areas that meet the needs and interests of our community: Education, Workforce Development, Civic Engagement, and Arts and Culture. Our programming promotes long-term participation, positive interactions with adults, and cultural identity building. We recognize that giving youth an extensive support network enables them to develop as confident, competent, self-sustaining, and proud young adults.

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