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Podcast Episode 7

Episode 7: How McDonald's Makes an Impact in Work-Based Learning

In this episode, Spencer chats with Lisa Schumacher, Director of Education Strategies at McDonald's, about how the fast-food giant supports its employees' education through work-based learning.

Lisa has more than 25 years of experience in organizational learning and development and is currently responsible for leading the execution of McDonald’s education strategy, Archways to Opportunity, which provides restaurant employees an opportunity to learn English language skills, receive a high school diploma, complete a college degree, and access education advising services. In her previous role at the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) as the Director of WorkforceChicago, Lisa collaborated with Chicago-area CEOs and managed a business-led initiative that identified and disseminated best-practice learning strategies and policies. Prior to that, Lisa was the Director of the Learning Academy at The University of Chicago Hospitals. Lisa completed her Bachelors and Masters in Communications at Purdue University.

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The "Career Readiness for All" podcast is presented by the Coalition for Career Development (CCD) Center, a national think-tank committed to making career readiness the first priority of American education and dedicated to transforming career development through priorities including education reform, research initiatives, stakeholder engagement and more. Join us each month as we speak with different subject matter experts on the topic of career readiness.

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