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Podcast Episode 9

Episode 9: Advance CTE and the Future of Career Technical Education

Stacy Whitehouse, Senior Associate, Communications and State Engagement with AdvanceCTE joins Spencer Murray to dive into the national conversations occurring about what learners need out of their education. Advance CTE has a history of setting the tone for the future of Career Technical Education with several visions for the field. Stacy talks about AdvanceCTE's latest vision for the future of CTE, "Without Limits: A Shared Vision for the Future of Career Technical Education", and what it says about career readiness. In addition, Counselors are one the most important actors in career development, but we all know they face tremendous capacity challenges in delivering individualized support for each learner. They discuss what is occurring in the world of CTE and career readiness to address those capacity issues. There have been a number of employers and organizations on the podcast recently discussing their work-based learning opportunities, but we all know they can’t be one-off experiences. What work are state leaders and organizations like Advance CTE doing to connect these experiences to the larger theme of career readiness? Listen to find out more!

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The "Career Readiness for All" podcast is presented by the Coalition for Career Development (CCD) Center, a national think-tank committed to making career readiness the first priority of American education and dedicated to transforming career development through priorities including education reform, research initiatives, stakeholder engagement and more. Join us each month as we speak with different subject matter experts on the topic of career readiness.

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