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What we Do

Guided by industry and thought leaders from more than 50 education, workforce development, business, and government organizations, the CCD Center is a one-stop clearinghouse for evidence-based research and information on the nexus of education and workforce development.

and Analysis

Our research team and network of subject matter experts examine existing policies and practices to offer customized, evidence-based recommendations that enhance our partners’ capacity.

Technical Assistance

Through presentations, trainings, and facilitated convenings, we offer targeted technical assistance support to industry, education, government, and communities on a variety of career readiness topics and initiatives.

Resource Development

We collaborate with visionaries to design case studies, toolkits, strategies, and other resources that enable those involved in education and workforce development to help ALL learners become career and future ready.

Program Implementation

Aligned with research and community needs, our team develops and facilitates formal, hands-on programs for partners to bolster participants’ career readiness-related skills, knowledge, and expertise.

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