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Resource Development

We collaborate with visionaries to design case studies, toolkits, strategies, and other resources that enable those involved in education and workforce development to help ALL learners become career and future ready. 


Universal Industry Internship Toolkit – Forthcoming

Internships are critical for career readiness and workforce development, yet only a few companies successfully leverage high school internships. Organizations that wish to bring on interns can benefit from learning how to design and implement effective internship programs that align with and support their core business activities. Aligned to business needs, the CCD Center’s Universal Industry Internship Toolkit will include thoughtful program structures and templates, case studies, and strategies to position all industries to launch, oversee, and implement paid internships for as many students as possible. Additional topics include meaningful work, mentoring, culture exposure, networking, recruitment pipeline, funding, return on investment, and resources to build national and local partnerships to recruit students and improve their outcomes.

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