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Program Implementation

Aligned with research and community needs, our team develops and facilitates formal, hands-on programs for partners to bolster participants’ career readiness-related skills, knowledge, and expertise. 


Army of Career Coaches 

Starting with the city of Boston, the CCD Center is building an army of career coaches across urban communities. These career coaches currently work in highly effective non-profits and agencies that are deeply connected to their communities, trusted by their clients, and provide much-needed wrap-around services. They are passionate mentors who are poised to transform the lives of those they support—helping them fulfill personally meaningful goals  and cultivate a deep understanding of pathways to economic and social mobility to thrive in high-wage, high-demand occupational pathways. 

Based on our five-pillar framework, the CCD Center’s Army of Career Coaches pilot training program uses an asset-based, culturally relevant career coaching model and focuses on enhancing five specific capacities:

  1.  Evidence-based career planning;

  2.  Evidence-based career coaching;

  3.  Knowledge of local and remote work-based learning opportunities and earn-to-learn opportunities; 

  4.  Career development and navigation technologies; and 

  5.  Internal and external accountability mechanisms. 


The CCD Center’s formation of the Professional Learning Community (PLC) for its army of career coaches will support collaboration, sharing of best practices, and enable the professionals in these organizations to reignite their energy as they help those they serve navigate challenging circumstances in a complex and changing world.

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