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America's Economic Future: The Outlook For Young Adults

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Condition of Career Readiness in the United States

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Today’s youth want to develop the capacity and skills they need to achieve occupational success. They want to navigate into meaningful career pathways that will support them financially and secure opportunities that align with their employment goals and aspirations. To assess state-level career readiness indicators related to young adults’ transition into employment, the Condition of Career Readiness Report assesses (a) how many young adults are “disconnected” from education and employment; (b) how many are working full-time; and (c) of those working full-time, how many are earning a living wage.

Suggested Citation:

Solberg, V. S. H., Park, C. M. & Donnelly, H. K. (September, 2023). Condition of Career Readiness in the United States: College and Career Readiness: The Outlook for Youth. Alexandria, VA: Coalition for Career Development Center.

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