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Career Readiness Engagement Policy Forum Pillar IV - Providing High-Quality Career Development Technology

Thursday, February 24th, 2022
3:00pm - 4:30pm EST

High-quality career development technologies should play a key role in helping students develop their personal career and education plans. All students, teachers and career development advisers should be provided access to a defined baseline level of technology that will ensure they can make good use of these tools.

BACKGROUND Document: Career Readiness for All


3:00 PM - The Five Pillars for Creating High-Quality Career Development Systems

  • Leo Reddy, Board Chair, Coalition for Career Development Center

3:10 PM - Technology Systems in Career Development


  • Kevin Houchin, Vice President - Business Development, Riiid Labs


  • Casey Welch, President, CEO, & Co-Founder, Tallo

  • Matt McQuillen, CEO, Xello

  • Terry Holliday, Kentucky Commissioner of Education 2009-15

  • Eddie Monnier, CEO,

3:55 PM - User Needs from Technology Systems in Career Development

This will be an interactive session with attendees to discuss the wants and needs for career development technologies from the user perspective. Take advantage of this time to submit your thoughts and recommendations pertaining to career development technologies.

4:25 PM - Synergies and Next Steps

  • Dr. Scott Solberg, Vice President of Research, Coalition for Career Development Center

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