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Three Reasons We Support The Congressional Bipartisan Opportunity Youth Caucus

Two students working together. Text: equitable access is paramount for all. Quality state performance is necessary for all. Individualized career planning is vital for all. All learners means all learners.

The Coalition for Career Development (CCD) Center signed on to a letter supporting the creation of the Bipartisan Opportunity Youth Caucus (BOYC), a congressional effort led by Representatives Michelle Steel (R-CA) and Troy Carter (D-LA). The Caucus will elevate the importance of investing in Opportunity Youth and—aligned with our efforts—engage with industry, education, communities, and individuals. We are encouraged by the formation of the BOYC and the attention it brings to these important issues. 

At the CCD Center, we work to provide all learners with access to the high-quality academic and professional resources they need to secure productive employment in their chosen careers as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. All learners means ALL learners. 

We signed on because we believe that the BOYC will promote three principles central to our mission.

(1) Equitable access is paramount for ALL. Our research on the outlook for young adults shows that about 11.9% of young adults ages 19-27 from across the country are not engaged in education, employment, or training. Compared to their peers, these “Opportunity Youth,” or “disconnected” young adults, are less likely to graduate from high school or earn a four-year postsecondary degree, diminishing their ability to obtain high-quality careers and minimizing their future wage earning potential.

(2) Quality state performance is necessary for ALL. Regarding career readiness, state performance varies. Our data indicate that the 10 highest performing states have an average of 8.5% of disconnected young adults compared to 15.3% among the 10 lowest. Our youth and young adults deserve better. Our country deserves better. We deserve better.

(3) Individualized career planning is vital for ALL. When middle and high school students access high-quality career readiness programs and services, they are more likely to remain “connected” and more equipped to pursue and succeed in postsecondary education programs or employment in a career of their choice, among other positive outcomes.

We are committed to making career readiness the first priority of American education and dedicated to transforming career development through priorities including education reform, research initiatives, stakeholder engagement, and more with ALL learners in mind.

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